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We are a one of the first of it's kind Custom Apparel website, making us unique in our market. We do exclusived custom tailoring and custom dressmaking.  We alos specialize in exclusive custom sportswear such as: Leathers, Hoodies, Bomber Jackets, Jeans and much more. 

haute cou·ture
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Any unique stylish design made to order for wealthy and high status clients. Haute Couture is for those discriminating individuals that don't want to see themselves coming and going, as well as standing out among the crowd

We can accomodate any size, any body type and all occasions.

Celeberties are most noted for wearing custom designs. Custom styling is a must for those who desire our luxurious look to stand out from others at any special event or on a red carpet. Ar you ready to set yourself apart from the crowd? Are you ready to steal the show? Yes!! We know you are ready to showcase your unique sense of style by shopping here at Upscalethreads.com. 


Your patience is requested as we tailor fit your look and your unique style. As our preferred client, we would like to take time to specialize our one of a kind services to your individual needs.  Since you are extremely special to us, we guarantee to give your project the special attention it derserves-no detail will go untouched.  Our magnificent and stellar design tem guarantees to provide you with high-quality workmanship and satisfactory service exclusively here at Upscalethreads.com

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Style is what you wear!

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My wedding was a once in a lifetime occasion, and I wanted that unique gown to reflect this.  After consulting Upscalethreads, they created a gown that they are still talking about. What  wonderful experience this has been.

I was looking of a special gown for an event my elite society was hosting. I must say I was the bell of the ball with the help of Upscalethreads custom dress-makers. These guys are AWESOME! to say the least.

I'm constantly in the public eyes with my celebrity clients. I needed my attire to stand out and Upscalethreads have provided me with the design that get attention.